adjective, also noun

1. Of, or relating to, the dynasty established by Charles Martel ('The Hammer'), which superseded Merovignian rule of the Franks in the 8th century, and which reached its zenith in 800 with Charlemagne's coronation as Holy Roman Emperor. Members of this imperial family are termed Carolingians.

2. In the manner of, or pertaining to, a certain dread debauchee known as Charles, who by turns fosters utter libertinism and personal betterment among his coterie of misfit peers (or, in generous terms, friends).
1. The denier's introduction by Pepin III, among other Carolingian currency reforms, influenced subsequent European currencies such as the pound and lira. This was an impressive flex for someone bynamed Pepin the Short. On that note, Carolingians (who weren't nicknamed for crushing Arab and Berber forces in the 730s) bore curious sobriquets. Charles the Bald, for instance, was massively hirsute.

2. This port city has experienced something of a Carolingian renaissance as of late. Last weekend, Charles and the lads quaffed heaps of beer and spirits, most of which were acquired in recompense for sexual favours; ingested illicit drugs to the point of inducing violent emesis; offered stirring karaoke renditions of every track on the 'Songs that never fail to make white people beyond turnt' playlist; and engaged in other acts of moral and physical depravity that will, doubtless, surface on one questionable online hub or another. The convivial crew paused only to wax quasi-philosophical on such topics as realpolitik and etymology, or to partake in a nutritious meal after hiking a mountain and chucking around a frisbee.
by DrSJohnson December 25, 2019