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The most attractive, beautiful, smart , sexy, loving girl in the whole world. she brightens your day and makes you the happiest guy in the world. she will love you always and forever and will make you a better person just for thinking of her.
"hey your girlfriend is the best"

"I know she is such a Caroleigh"
by SMR117 January 22, 2013
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Typically clever, and interesting, keeps to herself most of the time but when needed she can really speak her mind. She is a little insecure but there is no reason to be. Is open to trying new things but if she doesn't like the sight of something she won't give it another look. She is stubborn and always is convinced she's right (usually is). Everyone thinks she would be a great mother. If you marry a Caroleigh, you'll be the happiest man you can be, no doubt.
Person 1: Yeah, I'm engaged.

Person 2: What?! you're getting married?! to whom?!

Person 1: To Caroleigh

Person 2: Hm, I've never met her but even her name makes her sound amazing.
by alex11199 November 20, 2013
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