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1) Swedish word for "Candy Dance".

2) Dance and Song that came from a Swedish band.

3) An extremely random dance that involves
putting your hands over your head, making them into "duck" shapes, (closing the tips of your fingers to the tips of your thumbs)opening and closing them, while swinging your hips to an annoying beat. Gets stuck in your head. Once you see it, you can never forget about it. Fun to do, >.>; and you eventually begin to love the song, or hate it very, very much.

4) The dance that many people make GIFs of, for their favorite anime characters.
"I danced the Carmelldansen".

"I saw this one video of Naruto carmelldansing, and it was FREAKING ANNOYING!"
by NiTrOuS Ride February 02, 2009
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