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Short for - but nothing short of - amazing. Carlynas are far and few between, just as you will hardly find another with her name, you won't find another quite like her. A truly talented, smart, kind and beautiful person. Her honest and bubbly personality brings out the best and fun side of everyone she meets. Carlynas are usually fit and ready to take on any challenge in the world. They also enjoy the excitement of watching and playing power sports such as soccer and tennis. Meeting a Carlyna is often described as finding a pin in a haystack stretching - a hundred hectares.
Carlyna; another way to express better or best.

Person 1: Had a shocker of a day today ):
Person 2: 99% on your math test?
Person 1: Yeah... *sigh* If only I were more Carlyna!
by Miss i-Jae January 29, 2011
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