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1. Carlsbad, New Mexico is the small town located in the south-eastern part of the state New Mexico. Known for its caverns and awful smell. Carlsbad also shares its border with the state of Texas, whereby its people adopt the politics of "oil freaks".

It's home to one of the highest percentages of oil and gas workers in the United States, leading to the population to be a high percentage of assholes. Along with leading the nation in rabies you will find a plethora of undesirable things while visiting.

Since the town is in the middle of the desert and already undesirable, Carlsbad is the perfect location to dump hazardous materials. This makes up most of its economy, other than oil, gas and potash.

2. A derogatory term for a small town or city.

3. Anywhere that smells bad, typically smelling of gas odorants.

4. The home of the "DFWT(Dumb Fuck in a White Truck)"
1. "We moved to Carlsbad, New Mexico, but soon couldn't handle the assholes and smell of a gas leak everywhere. Also, I think I lost a few I.Q points!"

2. "This city is a real Carlsbad, eh?"

3. "You got a gas leak or something? It smells like Carlsbad up in here."

4. "I got hit by a DFWT and totaled my Prius."
by Epsilon1 February 01, 2014
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