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CARLOSLIKESROBOTS- The cutest sexiest most awesomest guy in the whole youtube community- not to mention the WORLD! This sexy beast is the funniest most entertaining guy that you will ever watch on youtube, and anyone would be lucky to meet him in person. Once you get a 'dose' ;) of him you will fall in love with his quirky attitude and amazng personality instantly! He does everything! He makes music, he post videos, he talks about awkward moments, he has a great sense of fashion, and hes gay! Who doesnt love a gay man? :D He has got it all and he can even make me laugh, and let me tell you that is hard thing to do! From 'Tampons are Dildos' to 'Pimple puss and Vomit Swallowing' this guy will make you fall out your chair from laughter and make your mind wonder. Find him on Youtube under Carloslikesrobots. We love you Carlos! Lets go get some taco bell!
"ughhh i had a terrible day, i could sure use some CARLOSLIKESROBOTS richt about now"
by youtubeuserCLASSIEJACKIE March 30, 2010
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