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Carlijn is an extremely beautiful girl with a gorgeous smile. Whenever she enters a room, the whole room will light up just by her smile. She has an awesome personality and she radiates passion. She seems to be shy and silent at first, but when you get close enough she will enlighten your day, if you're lucky, even your whole life! She's a really awesome person to have close to you and trust is really important to her. If she trusts you, you're fine, but when you break it you will regret it really a lot. She's a person you don't want to lose.
She just blinded everyone with her gorgeous smile.
She's such a Carlijn. She makes everything shine.
by iSaki October 20, 2013
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Carlijn is slang for a person of Native African decent. Is someone who leads a life of celibacy, is pretentious and NERDY. Carlijn is an absolute health nut. There is nothing Carlijn loves more than a healthy meal! Carlijn is also a anti-music, anti-party, anti-fun all around reject.
Bob: Dude, we' re going to Mc Donald's. Then we're gonna go hit the foam party down the street. Wanna come?

Steve: sorry dude, i can't, just became a Carlijn
by johabi October 20, 2010
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