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Small, boring. little, lame town. If you know anything about Carey.. You know Jimbo. You also know that if someone leaves the water running too long the whole town floods. Do you go to High school here? Then you know Mr Martin. And if you know Mr Martin you know that The noise of jiggling keys= act fast! Put your phones away pull up your shirts tug you shorts down some and act busy!

Theres two good places to eat in this tiny wittle town and thats McDonalds and Splinters. And 2 of the three gas stations have been taken over by Arabs that sell bongs.

However if you dont live in Carey and you Dont know what it is.... Your not missing much.
Person 1.. "You live in Carey... Carey, Ohio.. Like with Jimbo?"

Person 2.."Yeah.."

Person 1.. Whata crap hole!"

Person 2.. "HEY YOU CANT JUST SAY..... yeah i know.. ":(
by MEK53011 May 30, 2011
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