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A great all-female Pop Punk child band trio. Used to have a boy, but was replaced with a girl. Sample songs are:
Everybody Else
Barbie Eat a Sandwhich
Met You On Myspace
Get Over It
Gym Class Haze
Person 1: Care Bears on Fire sucks.
Person 2: @@@@@@@@@ defend defend @@@@@@@@@@@@@@ spam @@@@@@@ i haet u @@@@@@ whaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Person 1: Jeez, it's just an opinion
Person 2: IDC!!!! @@@@@@@@@@@@ defend more@@@@@@@@@@@@ more spam @@@@@@@@@@@@
Person 3: Jeez, I like them, but not enough to whine that much about it.
by Lucio Soph June 20, 2010
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All girl 15-16 year-old teenage punk band from Brooklyn. Part of the new generation of Riot Grrrls. Also referred to as the new Runaways. Came out of Brooklyn's kidcore scene in early 2000s along with Tiny Masters of Today. First two albums Confuse Me Beautiful Records I Stole Your Animal Daisy Explosion featured original bass player Lucio. Third album Get Over It from S-Curve includes singles: Everybody Else and Barbie Eat a Sandwich, also Pleaser, Violet and Met You on Myspace. Song inspirations: Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451, Patti Smith, 90s Riot Grrl bands. Themes, female empowerment, anti-authoritary, body image, online predators. Music videos by Daisy Edwards, Converse.
Care Bears on Fire aren't a kid band, I saw them at Lollapalooza last summer and they played like the Ramones if they were teenage girls.
by ArtfulBlogger June 26, 2010
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