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The A.OK bar for underage drinkers to consume massive amounts of alcohol free shots and 1 dollar beers. More then 70 percent use 50 dollars florida ID's or Georgetown I.Ds to get into the recently renovated bar. (of course we are 21 this is america) They key location in D.C in walking distance of CUA Campus (of course driving if possible) for the definition of blackout nights, to play flip cup around the booths, and meeting a new person every 10 minutes but forgetting there names 5 minutes after. The key location to bring back a drunk mistake.
Whoever said the weekends are meant for partying were wrong. The bar named after the Catholic University Mascot is only packed school-nights, Most commonly Mondays and Thursdays are the biggest party nights. Students often dress up more for the bar then they do for classes and are so Hangover the next friday are usually to burnt for classes and to be able to plan a good Friday weekend night.
Good luck making a night without at least one beer getting partially spilt on you.
All catholic students drink five times more before getting into the bar and having to pay a 5 dollar cover-charge after waiting on a five minute wait with students who are often as drunk outside as they are inside.
BEWARE- Old Female Bouncer is B*tch
Kyle- YEA? You get her number
AJ- Fuck we were hooking up for ten minutes and i dont even remember her name.
Kevin-Guess you will have to wait for next monday
Pat- Wait a second was a grinding with an overweight black girl last night?
by I Am Mc Lovin May 09, 2008
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