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Cardboardanno - A Cardboard Piano, A Piano made of Cardboard.
A Cardboard Piano is silent.

Some folk mistakenly believe practising on a cardboardanno to be the first step on the rung to achieving Concert Pianist status.

Believed by some to be a usefull tool in fingering excercises.

The Manufacture of Cardboardannos contribute to the destruction of the rain forest.
As usefull as a Cardboardanno.

Stop playing that Cardboardanno so loudly you dick.

She spent all day fingering her Cardboardanno.

Customs will not let you in with that cardboardanno on you.

He gave up air guitar for the Cardboardanno.

Play the Cardboardanno then, see if I care.
by Newmelodics May 25, 2011
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