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To comemorate the French occupation of Vietnam, "Carararaaa" combines both French and Asian language to express her name. Said with a polite bow and the bite of a croissant, "Carararaaa" mirrors the features of an ant and likes to hit people to awaken them from their peaceful slumber. Although she would have you believe otherwise, her pizza making skills lack and she is actually above the age of 12. People often question themselves as to why they love her but they soon come to the conclusion that "Carararaaa" will give them candy if they do.
"Person 1: Can I see you ID?
Person 2: No, I'm Carararaaa!
Person 1: Get out of my club"

"Person 1: Who's that in the gutter outside this club?
Person 2: Oh that's jsut Carararaaa. Should we help her get in?
Person 3: No"

"Person on megaphone: Who do we love?!"
Crowd: Carararaaa!
Person on megaphone: Why do we love her?!
Crowd: CANDY!"
by Caitriin July 24, 2006
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