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One who is a determined, yet kind person who prefers to be in control, but will settle with someone she can trust taking the lead, as long as they are open to your suggestions, and then follow those suggestions. You do not like to be mocked, judged, or reprimanded. Although, it doesnt bother you so much if its just anyone, as much as it does if it is someone you care about, then it hurts you. When I say hurt, I dont mean weakens you, I mean pains your heart, and makes you want to bash their face in. You are completely dependable, and very trustworthy, in my experience. You are compassionate beyond what is healthy for yourself, as you often give more than you should, and nearly always more than most would give at all. You can be gentle when fitting, and cold when tried. You are a friend and a daughter, and power to be respected. A beauty to be awed and admired.
That one girl you wish you knew...Caralyne
by diesel johnson March 06, 2010
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