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Caradog is a Welsh name for an awesome person. Anyone who hates this person is a complete dick.

Usually, a person with the name Caradog, gets a lot of girls.
Caradog is one of the most caring people in the world and is an amazing friend, anyone would want to have him as a boyfriend.
Caradog is just so much of an awesome person, you'd be lucky to know him..

Some people called Caradog are utter dicks, but most of them are just too awesome to argue with.. If someone calls Caradog asks you out, don't push them away! Because it's your lucky day!
Person1: Hey dude!
Person2: Hey!
Person1: Do you think Caradog will want to come to my party?
Person2: If you're lucky enough!
Person1: Which dumb fucker wouldn't want him to come to their party?
Person2: I KNOW RIGHT!
by CatDogFish November 19, 2013
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