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Someone who is obsessed with talking about car. You will struggle to change subject and even if you do, it will end up back at cars. Their banter consists solely of cars.They frequent car park(McDonald, Golfworld etc) in their shitty cars to talk about there loud farting cars. However not all people who like cars, are car fags. Basically if the person can talk about anything other then cars they are not a car fag even if they have some riced out shitter.
All the car fags, are talking car fag shit over in Mcdonalds
by notacarfag October 06, 2011
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Dip shit assholes who care so much about what kind of car they drive. the model, make, motor, etc. Dudes who rather stick their dick inside of a tailpipe instead of a female. Dudes obsessed with their cars.
dude, did you see the new hemi ford f250 with a turbo z engine that i got?" .. "I have no idea what youre talking about bro, im not a carfag.
by dutchguts August 02, 2011
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Not only do they only talk and take care of their cars, but they also customize it with rims, lights, make it sound loud, and change the suspension. Seeing one in real life is a terrible experience and you will usually see them parked in Walmart at night showing their whip off.
"Dude did you see that dude's car with the lights?"
"Yeah he must be a car fag."
by Jayswizzyswan October 11, 2017
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