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A game played on the streets with cars. Two people in each car: one driver and one chaser. A group of car owners get together and drive around neighborhoods chasing after each other. At red lights, deadends, or traps the chaser jumps out of the car and tags another participating car. He/she then jumps back in their assigned vehicle and drives away. The tagged car is now "it". The game continues until one gets pulled over by the police or people run out of gas money.
Car Tag is a real game played by real people and ticketed by real cops.
by John Linden October 25, 2006
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Activity enjoyed by young adults whom have recently aquired drivers licenses. Geographic boundries are determined through a vote. A rabit car is selected through rock, paper, scisors. That car then gets a 10 min head start, must drive with their lights on, window down, and can not park. The other participants then go looking for this rabbit car. A tag is conducted when a chaser car is within honking range and the rabbit car hears the chaser car. Both cars then go back to a predetermined "base camp" where the car that got the rabbit then becomes the rabbit.
Hey me and my boys were playin car tag last weekend. Skeet got a flat tire.
by Bmoss January 28, 2006
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