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A drinking game of Italian origin. Basically you sit in a circle around a table...everyone has a beer. You basically have to say "I am Captain Beef", tap each hand on the top of the table then on the bottom, tap your glass, stand up, and drink a sip. Then do the same thing with each motion repeated twice ("I am Captain Beef Beef", etc.). Finally do the same thing again, repeated 3 times. If you screw up, finish your beer and get a new one. If you finish the cycle, the next person has to do it. It's really a pretty shitty drinking game, but what can you really expect from those damn Europeans?
We played Captain Beef for 5 hours and after about 4 hours Johnny screwed up once and had to drink. It was hilarious. Or maybe it would have been, but I was too sober. Just shoot me.
by Nick D November 03, 2003
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