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Similar to the spirit of Curling, Capling is played with a beer bottle as a target and beer caps as the objects in play. Each player in a round of Capling is given the opportunity to toss 1 beer cap at the beer bottle with the closest cap to the bottle being the winner. The winner of the round is then allowed to dish out 10 drinks to any of the players, in any variation they choose (eg. losing player #1 must drink all 10). Once a player wins a round of Capling, they are then allowed to relocate the site of the beer bottle and another round begins with the past rounds winner shooting first.

Capling was invented by Jeff Dawidowitz and Mike Wickett in the beautiful city of St. Catharines, Ontario. While Jeff Dawidowitz was the inaugural Capling champion, Mike Wickett has succeeded him in every championship since. Capling has reached the height of its popularity at Silly Sundays - a popular spot to catch a full days schedule of NFL Football.
Game of Capling (Drinking Game) example: Cap #1 lands closer to the bottle than Cap #2 at the end of the round. Therefore person who threw Cap #2 must drink 10.
by Dawidowitz October 26, 2010
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