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a secret society on university campuses that inducts students who exhibit bad ass 'bandit--like qualities and uncanny ability to disappear. the society was first founded on the Sewanee:University of the South campus in 2009. members are indistinguishable around campus and they appear no different to any other college student; however they are actually infinitely cooler and badass than any campus group.

members of the capesman are called 'bandits'. in order to be a bandit, you must have bandit-like qualities and you must survive the induction process, which is known only by active capesman. the president, Ganje, and members reserve the right to kick people out if they do not uphold the values and codes of the capesman.

the order of the capesman throw the best hidden parties on campus.
"oh shit, where did gulley go?? she just disappeared"
"bandit shit yo"

"i woke up in my truck parked next to Walsh-ellet. It was 12 o'clock and people were going to class. what happened last night??"
"dude you bandited away last night. we had no idea"

"you arent a capesman unless i say youre a capesman."

"she disappeared for 5 hours. the cops looked everyone and still couldnt find her."
"dude, what a capesman"
by ganji1234 December 17, 2009
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