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Capalaba is a Suburb in the Redlands which is in Queensland, Australia. The people in and around Capalaba are usually ghetto smokers, eshay druggies or the cringe eshay wannabes (the ones that ride scooters everywhere yelling skrrt skkrt). There is a high chance of getting rolled and taxed and Capalaba is literal trash in general so don’t recommend unless you’re looking on buying weed or if you are attending the school Capalaba State College which btw lives up to Capalaba’s expectation on being the worst place. B.R.
Oi cunt where’s a place that sells weed?

Oh dude you should go to Capalaba there’s loads of people that sell weed there and plus it’s a shit joint so no one would care

Shotty bruv
by Nutella=Life July 25, 2018
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