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Caora is definitely not a common name by any stretch. Usually the name holder is of the female gender, explaining how to pronounce said name half of her waking hours. Caora is derived from Gaelic, making them Irish, therefore having a liking to alcohol and drinking. Caora's are free spirited, and a 'go the opposite direction of everyone else' type. Has the audacity to go on any adventure thrown in front of her. Caora's are all musically inclined, some would say they have the voice of an angel. Caora's have an amazing way with words and win every argument. With this trait they are destined to become some sort of writer. Basically all the best qualities mashed together to form a human being. So be forewarned Caora's may blow your mind.
Person 1: Is that a Caora.

Person 2: Is your mind blown?

Person 1: YESS!

Person 2: Definitely a Caora.
by thehandsomechef September 30, 2013
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