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The act of force-feeding popsicles, ice cream, milk, milkshakes, or any other exceedingly cold consumable to a bitch, ho, or any other gender-impaired (i.e. female) person in hopes of giving them brainfreeze as a make-due date-rape. Usually used as a last resort if the roofies are not available, or one is simply low on funds.
Steven Tyler: Man, that bitch is off the heezy. Tell me you remembered my roofie-bagels.
Steven Tyler's ASSistant: I'm sorry sir, they're still in the toaster at home.
Steven Tyler: Shit. Well, did you at least bring an ass-load of Dippin' Dots?
Steven Tyler's ASSistant: Sure did. Are you thinking...
Both: Cantankerous Mailman!
Steven Tyler: Now that's what I call Sweet Emotion.
by SadCoincidence September 16, 2006
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