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Also known as CMS. A place were 7th and 8th graders gather for 4 hours of torture everyday. The motto is "Expect the Best at CMS" In the warmer months it gets to be 100 degrees (no air conditioning, nicee) and in the winter it gets covered in 5 feet of snow, yet they still make there students walk through it to go. It has four stories, which students travel up nd down at least 20 times every day, so that by the end of the school year there legs are ripped from the exercise Students are seperated into "teams", which ends up creating fights about who's team is better and ends up creating conflict instead of bringing us together like the principals want us to. Though, the 8th graders end yup fighting at least 2 times a week anyway, so fights are typical and normal. The chicken nuggets at lunch bounce(literally) and putting stuff into the lockers is like trying to stuff and elephant into a shoe box. But, the band wins high honors and is ranked top in the state, the entire school is ranked on the list of top 25 middle schools in the state. And, Mr. Manion, the greatest teacher alive, teaches there. So some parts of it may be crappy, but it has it's up sides. And every student that attends definitly never forgets their experience there.
Kid 1: " HEY do you go to Canonsburg Middle School?"

Kid 2: "YEAH, it sucks but we played basket ball with the chicken nuggets today at lunch, Mr. Manion taught is about how awesome history is, and Teddy slammed tommy in the face with a chair six times before getting in trouble!"
by Chicken Nugget Bouncer May 10, 2011
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A cancer ridden shit hole excuse for a middle school. The teachers are fucking retarded, the lunches taste like shit. Its always hot as fuck. And when it is cold its way too cold.
Canonsburg middle school is garbage
by Get oofedm9 December 08, 2017
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