Canoga park is a city inside of Los Angeles. This city is easily one of the filthiest cities in the valley. If there was an award for the most dangerous city Canoga would easily surpass chicago and oakland by a long run. This city is best known for its mexican culture and gang bangers. Due to it’s high levels of poverty, this is one city you should avoid at all costs.
Foo: Hey wanna go to my homies pad in Canoga Park?
Other foo: nah foo its dirty over there.
by Vato ass foo818 September 19, 2018
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When a man reaches orgasm and finishes all over his partner. (Canoga Park being the porn capitol of the U.S)
"Man, Heather was wearing some awesome Canoga Park Camouflage after I was done with her last night."
by Mike Lima February 16, 2015
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