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Step into a lake (without leaches, preferably). Make sure you have your canoe handy. It's best to do this near the shore so that you can be standing on the sand underwater. That beats the idea of swimming and struggling to keep your head out of the water. Tip the canoe upside down so that it is floating on the surface. You want to enter that air pocket underneath the canoe. Before you start, I'd like to add that having a friend or two to do this with will make all the difference. Make sure you have the following: 1 bowl or pot, 1 candle, 1 lighter or zippo, dry cloth(s). If you're smoking a doob, make sure it's already roled. Put it in the pot/bowl. Put the pot/bowl either on the underside of the canoe's seats or floating in the water under the canoe. Have you and your friends swim into their appropriate positions underwater. Preferably the corners. If you have three people they should be positioned close to the middle seat of the canoe. There you have it. Now, light that candle! Use it for light and oxygene indicator. Best part about this is when you smoke to the point where there's no oxygen, you can't even see your friends or yourself! There's THAT much smoke! When the oxygen starts to run out you can see the flame of the candle slowly flicker away to eventually nothing. You have to be careful smoking under that canoe. Keep your hands above the water and dry. That's the point of the cloth! You WILL get your hands wet at some point. Once the flame to the candle runs out, I'd say it would be safe to swim outside. It's up to you to decide how you'd like to lift the canoe up to see your godly smoke pocket blow away before your eyes. ENJOY!
Wanna smoke a doobie? Lets make it a Canoe Hotbox!
by Stormland November 08, 2006
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