NOT originally-written, lengthy compositions of drivel cut and pasted into unsolicited emails or posted to other people's blog comments sections and / or to internet forums, especially to multiple usenet newsgroups.

Canned Spam usually attempts to support scientifically or politically absurd world views.

Canned Spam is often employed by Loony Left,Wingnut, and Netkook types in the false belief that most people would believe as they do if only it could be explained properly.
Every time I post about the economy, someone posts Marxist canned spam to the comments section.
by Connan the Grammarian March 26, 2009
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When, during anal sex, you pull out too fast, creating an anal vortex which closely resembles a can of spam.
I was railing her asshole when my Mom knocked on the door. I looked over at her and noticed i totally Spam Can'd her
by 86 Emulators November 17, 2010
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