A form of gore art where the subject tends to be very colorful, and often but does not have to include segmented body pieces and guts (mainly intestines), lacerations, and can occasionally include body horror. The subject also tends to have sticky, almost melted candy like goo in the place of what would be blood. There is also often a reference to foods and candies (e.g candy can striped guts, candy spilling out of the guts, segmented body pieces that look like meat or sliced fruit). sometimes can include references to hearts, stars (e.g heart shaped cross-section of bones, heart or star shaped eyes). Can also sometimes be mistaken for pastel gore.
"Its legs are missing, and its holding its guts even though the arm is detatched from the body and there's bright goo dripping out of the open wounds?"
"It's candy gore, that's just how it is."
by Tylxncardboard March 8, 2016
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A version of gore art where the subject is colorful and unusually gooey, like melting candy or taffy. It's typically more tasteful or appealing to a general audience than normal gore art is.
"That guy's picture looks really cute! What's up with the arms though? They're pulled apart and look like they're dripping."
"Oh, that's a candy gore image then!"
by harpsichord-uiy July 11, 2015
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