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A school of Drama, Japs, Rude teachers, and more. Candlewood is a "non-bullying" zone. HAHAHAH that's what they think. if you walk through the halls ofc candle wood you will see at least 5 kids being booked, a teacher or 2 yelling and a kid crying left and right. The hallways smell like piss! The teachers expect way too much but here's an over view of the grades

6th: THINK THEY ARE THE SHIT! always decorating lockers and they get lost like how do u get lost in a square LET ME KNOW!!

7th: DRAMAAAAAAA! guidance is ur savior and it's all you do! think they are so cool bc they hu

8th: can't complain really they are cool and hu a lot so yea

very diverse
Amanda: Candlewood Middle School sucks
Jordan: i know
by Coicanecuyie April 08, 2017
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