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1. noun - A person having an instinctual and profound concern for others & naturally compelled to help others. This concern is accompanied by an ability or "magic power", to heal, remedy and improve the health, condition & general well-being of others. An apperent side-effect of this seemingly miraculous "ability" seems to be the "cancer eater" will sometime after develop similar or even the exact problem that was "healed". They, for lack of better terms, seem to consume another's pain or ailment.

Cancer Eaters are usually excellent listeners & often are told that they are very easy to talk to. When meeting for the first time, other's often will say something like; "it feels like we have known each other forever" to them. That there is a perceived familiarity toward them. A Cancer Eater will help just about anyone if or when they cross paths with people in need, injured, distressed or having difficulty, whether physically, socially, or mentally/psychologically.
An example of a cancer eater would be the ability of the main character in the movie "The Green Mile".
by lil_king420 November 06, 2013
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