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A sexual position where three female sit upon a male at positions, one will rest on the man's face, making sure to insert his nose into the vagina. The second female will be seated upon the males erect penis, as one would with a bicycle with no seating. The third and final female will be seated upon the man's feet, making sure that the two big toes are inserted into each cavity of the female. Although this may sound identical to the "American Canoe," the difference is that all lubrication must be substituted with 100% Canadian Maple Syrup. This is to ensure that the women cannot slip off of the man accidentally.
Guy 1: Hey do you see those three hot girls?
Guy 2: Yeah they're cute
Guy 1: Last night we did the "Canadian Canoe" and it was grrrrrreat!
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by Kevtap Sankhon June 08, 2017
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