A maneuver in which one briefly drives on the wrong side of a divided highway in order to enter a driveway without having to take a u-turn.
Traffic looks clear, use the Canadian Blowjob.
by cxo December 12, 2007
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Top Definition
the act of inserting an ice cube in your mouth and proceeding to commit oral sex upon your partner during an intense hockey game.
Ya i heard she gave Mr. Ye a Canadian Blowjob, so now hes got frostbite on his dick
by aznblaze March 26, 2012
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When a man pours maple syrup all over another man's penis, dresses him in flannel, takes him to a Tim Horton's bathroom, and gives a blow job.
Marty: How are you feeling tonight Ed?
Ed: What are you talking aboot?
Marty: Nothing, but I would love a Canadian Blow Job right now.
Ed: Well, we are at Tim Horton's, so suck me off. Pour some maple syrup down my cock, eh?
Marty: Eh?
Ed: Eh!!
by Barney F. January 17, 2010
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When a woman blows her nose during intercourse.
My girlfriend has a cold, I stand a good chance of getting a canadian blowjob tonight.
by Trevorino May 06, 2011
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N.) A northern blowjob involving ice and maple syrup.

Related to the Zamboni, and Rusty Zamboni
Example: Things got hot and heavy with Sarah last night, then she broke out the ice and maple syrup and turned me into a frozen pancake. Canadian blowjobs are awesome.
by Artic Thunder Hooser September 29, 2013
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Oral Sex that involves a lot of teeth and isn't enjoyable
Matt is in a grumpy mood because he got a Canadian Blowjob last night
by Hairy H February 28, 2010
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