Camryn is one of the best people you will ever meet! She has a bright shining personality and will always be there for you! She has so many friends but only few best friends! She cares about every person in the entire world and will always love you! Camryn is the worlds best friend and if you have one NEVER let her go! She is the best person in the entire world and will never let anything happen to one of her friends! Camryn is a beautiful person inside and out! She is so pretty and smart but never cares to admit it! Camryn is one of a kind and will always be a living and caring friend! If you are lucky enough to find a Camryn like i have, hold her tight and never let her go!
Everyone: Camryn how are you so pretty?!
Camryn: I’m not but thanks!
by LindaCapps January 9, 2020
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Camryn is a very interesting girl. She has a very dark side to her but she isn’t emo. She’s just a different person. She’s shy and awkward but once she opens up she’s loud and super funny. She has a very unique sense of humor that you either will love or hate. She’s absolutely beautiful and deserves the world, but she’ll always tell you the opposite. She would make an amazing girlfriend. She’d be that chill girlfriend that’s not too clingy and would let you go hang out with the boys. She’s always up for a good time and although she will never admit it, she’s always in the mood to go be a dork on the dance floor. If you get a Camryn in your life, don’t lose her, and if you really care about her, make her feel better about herself, give her those small compliments that’ll make her smile and feel good about herself for just a split second.
Person 1: Woah, that girl’s super hot and mysterious
Person 2: yup, that’s Camryn for ya. Go ask her out!!
by Lady devil May 1, 2020
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Camryn is a great person who is loving and kind. She is so beautiful on the inside and the out. She can be sad at times and not show it so make sure to always be there for a camryn. She is one of the most loving friends you will ever have, she is nice to everyone unless (glasses slip down) you are annoying and talking really loud then that girl will pop off. If you ever get a camryn never let her go or your days will run out of happiness and humor and smiles so just don’t be a dumb bitch and she will love you too
Person 1: OMG is that camryn she gives off all the bad bitch energy

Person 2: I know she’s MY best friend
by Birthday twin October 3, 2019
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A beautiful young girl who has gorgeous long hair she is also very funny and the type of person you can get easily jealous of
Girl 1: she is so pretty I’m so jealous

Girl 2: yeah she must be Camryn
by Imsuperdupercool December 28, 2017
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A beautiful girl who is sweet and kind. She is a perfect girl friend and a even better best friend. She’s a great listener and can help you solve an problems. She’s a one of a kind girl and has the biggest heart in the world. She’s cares for everyone and everything. Any guy would be beyond lucky to date a Camryn!
Boy- wow do you see that gorgeous girl? She is so kind and caring!
Other boy- she must be a Camryn! I wish I could date her.
by Your boy Joshua December 17, 2018
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Camryn is a girl that is always kind to everyone no matter what. She is very intelligent girl. She’s very strong mentally and physically. And loves all sports. She is an amazing person to be around and any guy will fall in love with her amazing smile and cute dimples.
Guy #1: wow! That girl is so cool!

Guy#2: oh ya dude, that’s a camryn. I’m gonna go play some soccer with her.
by Devin Martinez April 25, 2018
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a Camryn is someone you want to keep in your life. she is a beautiful, outgoing, funny, skinny, smart, trusting, and she is a perfect girl. she is usually short with blonde hair and blue eyes. she is a perfect best friend that you can call for anything. she is super trusting and won't tell anybody your secrets. she would make a great partner in crime or a co-worker. She is easy to get along with and is one of the greatest people you will meet!! if you ever run into a Camryn, keep them close to you and don't let them go. She is a gorgeous and a loyal friend and wouldn't backstab you. <3
Camryn is perfect!
by Colby's Wifey May 2, 2019
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