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The Greatest Troll who evar exited. Good Night Sweet Prince.

Known around the CSS jailbreak servers. You will be missed.

-edit- Totally not written by Carl.
I miss Camping Carl, he was a best troll.
by Camping Carl! February 13, 2010
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A term given to any person that spends an unacceptable amount of time in one area of a video game map. The reasons for their lingering range from not being able to get kills to taking a break to bate it. Generally disliked by all other players for using overpowered sniper rifles and carbines. Other synonyms include Mallow Maker, Negative Nathan, and Bouncing Betty.
"GOD DAMN IT! That Camping Carl just shot me in the back because I ran past his camping ass!"
"Don't worry dude. He's probably about to go beat his meat or put something in his balloon knot anyway."
by Tobysrh August 16, 2009
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