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An undeniably perfect place to have sex.
What'd you do this weekend?
Went to Camping World with this babe.
by Kellie Jacobson May 14, 2005
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A ridiculous camping goods store that overcharges for all their goods, has seriously flawed employees and discriminates against decent workers. A shoddy, terrible company to work for and a waste of money to shop at.
Jake: Yeah, did you hear that they fired my wife from Camping World?

Steve: Why? Wasn't she like five months pregnant?

Jake: She complained that an employee was verbally abusing and harassing her and they found any old reason to dump her, man.

Steve: What about her medical insurance?

Jake: It was a joke, they sent her the insurance card 2 months after she got fired, even though she paid like 200 bucks for it and never got to use it.

Steve: Lame, dude.
by CindyLooHoo February 18, 2008
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