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A) Probably the greatest Hip-Hop duo to never have the glory of being widely known. Hailing from the Bronx, (Diamond) Sonny Chiba and (Emerald) Geechie Suede innovated a style of rap that transcends innumerable musical boundaries. The beats are mostly produced by Ski (Famous for Jay-Z's 'Dead Presidents'), and the lyrics are composed almost completely of blaxploitation and dadaist slang which requires an astute ear and extremely prolific intelligence to comprehend. They've released three albums in the U.S. to date, each one progressing further towards divinity than the former. Anything else you hear about Camp Lo is pure speculation. The Legend continues....

B) Nickname for Camp Lemonier, Center for U.S. Forces in the Horn of Africa located in Djibouti coined by a Venezuelan Marine.
A) Nothing in existence has flow like Camp Lo.

B) Marine #1: This place would suck balls if it wasn't called Camp Lo.
Marine #2: True dat.
by Chico Corrales April 06, 2008
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