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Also known as Cameronism.

A common disorder among women characterized by an unhealthy attraction to men who are "broken" or "vulnerable". The woman with the complex believes that she can "fix" or heal the man through the power of her love.

Refers to Dr. Allison Cameron, of the television show House M.D. who fell in love and married a man dying of cancer, and later falls in love with the sarcastic, bitter, and crippled Doctor House.

*ALL women have some form of a Cameron Complex. This answers the question of, why women like "bad boys" and musicians - because they are hoping to be able to "fix" them and make them into family men who are stable and secure.
Stacey: He totally opened up to me last night and told me all about his dog dying when he was 6. I think I'm in love.
Alicia: Oh have a Cameron Complex
by Celia Silhouette November 15, 2009
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