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A boy with a lot of thoughts. He has many friends, and is known to be a "Heart throb". He is very attractive, smart and athletic. All of the boys want to be him. He is always there for his friends, he will make you laugh and comfort you better than anyone else. He's a HUGE flirt!! Girls cry, scream, and drool over him. Girls will go crazy to get this kid. He is usually very perverted and knows what he wants. He is never afraid to say what he feels/thinks, and usually gets what he wants. He is also someone that everyone that everyone wants to meet and have a good relationship with. He may also be a little strange at times, but you can get use to it. Also be warned, if you are on his bad side he can get you "good"...
Girl 1:"Who the hell is that crazy kid over there...?"
Girl 2:"I don't know but he's kinda cute..."
Cameron Cochran: "Hey ladies, Lets commit the perfect crime: You steal my heart and I'll steal yours. ;)"
by SomePersonYhuDontKnow... June 20, 2012
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