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1.) Based on the movie starring, Larry the Cable Guy, 'Delta Farce'. When he and two of his buddies are accidently dropped off by the Army in Mexico instead of Iraq, they are befriended and taken in by the small town they inadvertedly saved from a local drug lord. When fed tacos, the guys are still convinced that they are in Iraq. After hearing that they were tacos, the trio concluded that it might contain camel meat. Hence, the dubbing name of Camel Ass Taco. 2.) Now used by several service men that refer to any kind of woman's anatomy from the Middle East. Persian Pussy is also currently referred to as Camel Ass Taco. 3.) A rascist description of many business owners, (i.e. Convenience store, liquor stores, gas stations, et al.,) Nomally used in context with Middle Eastern people, it is quite often transgressed to mean almost anyone from the Asian subcontinent, such as India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, et cetera.
Cusine: "That was great! Some wicked, 'Camel Ass Taco'!"

Sex: "I know that chick is from Iran, but she is a narly 'Camel Ass Taco', dude!"

Convenience store patron: "That guy running that joint is a real 'Camel Ass Taco'! Must be from turbanville somewhere."
by Mike in Aurora, Colorado February 14, 2008
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