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Camdid an name for a male

camdids have beautiful blue gray eyes that sparkle even when its dark. his smile is radient with cute dimples. when he laughts his pearly white teeth are exposed and its a wonderful sight to see and his laught is angelic. Camdids have curly dark brown hair and tan skin. everygirl he meets finds him attractive. camdids are sweet and kind. when ever you talk to one it puts you in a good mood. they are trustworthy and kind. when you meet a camdid your instently friends they are easy to get along with.

camdids tend to be musicians.

everygirl wants a guy like camdid and you cant blam them the eyes just pull you in. if you happen to find a camdid hold on to him.

camdids are great friends ones you can trust with your deapest secrets. but dont take his kindness for granted if he needs to he wont have a problem with walking away.

Camdid is usually mis pronoused as Cameron they hate that so make sure you have it right.

everyone deserves a camdid in their lives.
girl: His eyes are beautiful
girl2:and look at his smile
girl3:and hes so nice
boy:are you talking about Camdid again.
by rawr1334455 September 18, 2012
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