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Conformity, Drunken-Abuse, Future Jail Inmates of America, White Trash in Black Spandex, etc.
Waaaa! --I'm from Cambridge Springs, PA and I was abused, so while I expect everybody else to kiss my ass, I'm going to treat everybody who wasn't responsible like total crap! Then if that doesn't work, I'll get drunk and beat my kids, and/or cheat on my spouse! And while my kids define every sense of term 'worthless', I'll deny it was my undoing, and then demand my kids to live up to everything I never had the guts or brains to do myself. And once it's realized that it doesn't matter what is right or wrong(it's about majority), I'll team up with other degenerate-parents, and exploit others to hide the skeletons in my own closet.
by Smoker's Alley July 15, 2009
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