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Cam is simply the sweetest guy you will ever meet. He will put you above himself. He's outstandingly attractive, and very intelligent. More than likely you will be swept off your feet in a very short time, but don't worry. He's here to stay. Encourage him when he's feeling down, he'll remember it in the future. When he says he loves you, he truly means it and with his whole heart. If you're the jealous type, he may purposely flirt just to see your reaction. He won't push it too far though because he wouldn't want to hurt you. Don't be fooled, he's the jealous type too, so have some fun and push his buttons a little too. You're amazingly lucky and blessed if you have Cam in your life.
See that guy, Cam Wright? He's really nice.

I met a really attractive guy once, and his name was Cam Wright.
by gkcogs2010 January 18, 2011
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