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The 30th President of the United States of America, and quite possibly one of the greatest executives this Republic has ever had in modern times.

Calvin Coolidge remains the last truly conservative president who governed as small government, limited spending, and liberty-minded executive.

Regarded as a somewhat taciturn man in private, and generally very temperate. His presidency saw the nation through the "Roaring Twenties", and is very noted for his laissez-faire (literally "hands-off") economic policy.

He stands in contrast to his successor, Herbert Hoover, whose excessive economic interventionism (much like those of Presidents G.W. Bush and B.H. Obama in the early 21st century) brought about substantial economic ruin.
Calvin Coolidge would be considered a paleoconservative by today's understanding of politics.
by seekeronos February 05, 2009
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by misterhartnell April 18, 2008
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