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Verb. To exhibit consistently pushy, arrogant, and whiny behavior, oblivious to what a complete and total dweeb and jerk one actually is (which is apparent to everyone else).
He calvaned to the bikers about his great prowess on his scooter as they smirked at him from their Harleys.
by CattttMD October 24, 2007
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Verb. To continue stressing your point in an argument by resorting to harassment and whining long after it is apparent to everybody else that you are wrong. Adj. calvan-ous A righteous fool.
Calvanous - With toilet paper stuck to his shoe and a dark stain on his pants, the calvanous new guy cried and screamed in front of the small crowd of coworkers that he did not just stuff up the only toilet in the employee restroom.

The kid was calvaning for so long and loud about how the third Matrix was the best in the series that we all ended up missing the movie.
by SteveDe October 25, 2007
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