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Calostomating, is an act set outside of the sexual boundaries. It calls for two people, one of which bowels fueled and ready to go. The other one courageously outfitted for the task. The first individual lays down ready to meet his/her make me. The other individual with festering colon contents ready to majestically also elegantly shower individual A with the thunder down under. Once in place individual B hovers rectum roughly 3-5 inches away from individual A’s eye socket. In order for this process to be performed to the highest of abilities, let shit fester for 3 or more days and also built up with great pressure.
Tired of the of the same sex positions? Need something new and exciting? Every wonder what’s it’s like to projectile shart directly in someone’s cornea? Well look no further with calostomating
by Wacka flockin April 21, 2018
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