California’s glorified meter men. They’re supposed to be patrolling the highways and helping stranded citizens, but all they do is hide in corners trying to trap the everyday honest joe and rob them of their hard earned dime. They issue speeding violations for going 10 over, but will wiz right by you without their lights and look at you wrong because your going to “slow”. You have to be absolute bottom feeding scum to want to be a California Highway Patrolmen.
Guy 1: Would you rather share a meal with an African War Lord or a California Highway Patrolmen?
Guy 2: Are you kidding me dude? I’ll let an African War Lord fuck my wife before I even let someone who works for the CHP in my home. At least a war lord is trying to make his people lives better in his own fucked up way, but a CHP gets off on ruining people’s day.
by AlmightyThottie September 25, 2018
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