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The slow pace that west-coasters walk at, unaware that they are moving so slowly until they encounter someone from anywhere else (with the exception of Hawaii, where they move even SLOWER, sometimes not making it down the street for days). The California Stroller may attempt to keep up with faster-paced out-of-state or international friends, but finds that they will only hurt their legs or slip on some form of frozen water, which apparently is a wide-spread natural disaster happening at certain times of the year for those not lucky enough to live south of the Holy-Snap-That's-Cold Line. California Strollers are often yards behind non-Californians and constantly block sidewalks. They claim this is because they like to enjoy the scenery.
She was doing a California Stroll, so it took us three hours to cross the street.
by California Stroller December 09, 2010
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