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She's seriously the most amazing girl ever. She's gorgeous, funny, sweet, and just plain awesome. She doesn't really see her self the way other people do. She feels like she's letting everyone down, for no good reason at all. She has alot of friends, but only a few know the real her. She doesn't need drugs to have fun. All the guys want her. She doesn't have the best life at home, but she doesn't let that get her down. She always has fun. Everyone wants to be with her 24/7. Sometimes she doubts her self, but everyone else can see just how amazing she really is. Everyone instantly wants to be her best friend, the second they meet her. She feels conceited when she thinks good things about her self. She has a lot of self respect. Her hobbies include: Riding horses, Singing, and playing the Guitar. Her nickname is usually Cleo.
Wow, Calesta, thats an awesome name.

She's fucking gorgeous.

Dayum! That Cleo girls fine!

I totally wanna BONE her.

Bitch, she's MY best friend!
by TheQueenOfHearts June 01, 2009
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