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CalderonFan4Life, or James, is a former twitch streamer and current youtuber. He was well known on Twitch for threatening children over the internet and being a bald racist. He often tried to make kids think that he was cool by rapping and playing popular games. He eventually retired from streaming after he got tired of being bullied by internet trolls. James, now 38 years old, spends his days sitting around for hours while waiting for pink diamond codes and looking at pictures of biceps. A NFL Football career was in his future, until a terrible injury sidelined him during his senior year of high school.
Person 1: When is CalderonFan4Life streaming again?
Person 2: Never, he’s too scared. He knows chat runs his stream.
Person 1: Big Facts
by NIDWIWπŸ€ŸπŸ˜‚ August 01, 2018
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