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1) (Noun- A shot of an alcoholic substance used to treat miserable pain in Advance Placement Calculus
2) (Noun- A shot of an illegal drug into the arm causing loss of memory or overall loss of pain endured in Advance Placement Calculus.
3) (Noun- A bullet shot to anyplace in the body to completely relieve any and all pain in suffering in Advance Placement Calculus, also one's life.
1) Brenda was so stressed about her logrythms with cosine that she took repeated shots of gin until she puked on her homework, a job well done.
2) Brenda had a panic attack from the vast amount of integrals she needed to study so she injected a calcushot into her forearm, relieving all pain.
3) Brenda could no longer take calculus class. She took a calcushot the head, RIP Brenda.
by DMillzz February 23, 2010
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