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Calani is an Hawaiian word extracted from the word Kalani, although they are both very different, Calani's are extremely rare to find, often living in small towns in their youth and travelling in elder years. Calani's in general are amazing, creative absolutely stunningly gorgeous girls that are extremely loveable in all ways.

Its estimate that there are only around 14 Calani's in the world and you are incredibly privileged to know just one. Calani's are usually sporty, loud, pretty and loveable or beautiful, very, very sarcastic, kind, smart as hell, generally loved and a crazy read-a-holic.
Most, have a fierce, dangerous edge about them and don't need saving, they will put you down so fast and the sarcasm that comes out of their mouths is insane. The have their own ideas and music taste and are often feared and admired.
Those are the best.

Calani's can be found in many places usually playing sort with friends or walking quietly with her gossiping friends while she walks with her head stuck in a book and its a common fact between the girls that they top them all.

If you find a Calani, please take my word, keep her. I didn't, biggest regret of my life. I love you Calani!
"Oh yeah, she's a Calani"

"Watch it man, that's Calani, she's got a bite"
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by Summer's the truth January 16, 2018
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